UCSF Leads International Study on the Microbiome and Multiple Sclerosis

The international MS microbiome study (iMSMS, www.imsms.org) may shed light on the role the gut flora plays in MS. Many people are familiar with the concept of gut flora- the bacteria and other organisms that live in the digestive tract quietly, not causing disease- but often my patients are less familiar with the terms microbiota and […]

Wrapping Up Multiple Sclerosis

With one drug to shut down its progression and another to undo its damage, plus a worldwide effort stalking the origins of multiple sclerosis, MS doesn’t stand a chance.
Multiple sclerosis (MS) usually sets in with neurological symptoms that evolve over a few hours or days – eye pain, vision loss, double vision; numbness or tingling in the hands or feet; leg weakness; loss of balance. But the gradual onset belies the ferocity of the immune system’s attack on the myelin protecting our nerves.