At the iMSMS, geographic barriers are overcome by frequent teleconferences and periodic in-person meetings. All individuals chosen for this collaborative project are highly collegial and have demonstrated a capacity to work productively in a team setting.

To ensure an effective and successful collaboration, the following principles have been adopted:

  • An overarching Charter has been signed by all participants that adheres to the expectations of membership in the iMSMS.
  • A small Governance Group has been established to provide leadership and overall scientific direction, and to resolve areas of uncertainty.
  • Smaller working groups oversee and execute specific aims of the program.
  • To ensure transparency, participating investigators share individual ideas for research projects with the entire group.
  • Reasonable efforts are made to make public all primary data as quickly as possible.
  • Primary publications are typically authored in the name of the iMSMS rather than by individuals.
  • Efforts are made to ensure that junior members of the group have the opportunity to lead major projects.
  • We invite other qualified investigators with an interest in participating in the iMSMS to contact us.

Monthly conference calls and bi-annual in-person meetings are scheduled for all members of the iMSMS. Individual working groups organize additional conference calls and report their progress to the entire group during the monthly calls.